Information for parents

ACER Certificates in Mathematics and Reading are a good opportunity for your child to practice sitting exams, gain independent academic recognition and identify areas for development.

ACER is internationally acclaimed as Australia’s leading provider of education assessment, pioneering the testing and benchmarking of student achievement. ACER’s aim is for every student to have the opportunity to set high expectations and have their achievements recognised.

An ACER Certificate represents excellence and quality in education assessment, ensuring confidence and widespread recognition for ACER Certificate levels achieved.

Why Mathematics and Reading?

Student abilities in Mathematics and Reading are fundamental for success not only throughout school, but throughout life. They form an important foundation for students' success when studying in specialised areas.

I want my child to sit an ACER Certificates Test. What's next?

A special introductory fee of $25 per ACER Certificates Test currently applies. ACER will endeavour to provide test hosting facilities where there is high demand, else parents are expected to arrange for an independent professional to supervise the test. For more information about test supervisor eligibility, please contact us.

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