Increasingly, schools are providing students with opportunities to pursue independent learning pathways and additional challenges through a range of in-school and extra-curricular programs.

ACER Academy supports schools by providing a series of challenges for students to work through, guided by the ACER Academy learning progressions and recognised through the ACER Certificates.

Student-directed learning

Schools can provide the ACER Academy program to students participating in lunch-time study groups, after-school homework clubs and extra-curricular learning groups to support their self-directed learning.

The ACER Academy learning progressions describe in detail, increasing proficiency in mathematics and reading comprehension skills, providing a clear pathway for students to understand where they are at, identify next challenges and set and meet targets. The ACER Certificates recognise and reward evidence of achievement, with feedback identifying strengths and areas for further work.

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Attempts and achievement of ACER Certificates over time graph

Reward and encourage progress
from any level

Every student starts from a different skill level and progresses in their learning at a different rate. Keeping track of this and ensuring each child is well supported and appropriately challenged is a significant undertaking.

ACER Academy allows each student to work through the skills and lessons at their own pace, challenging them to stretch just beyond their current comfort zones.

A student who receives a 'D' year after year could be excused for concluding that they are making no progress at all when, in reality, they may be making as much annual improvement as a student who consistently receives an 'A'.

Attempts and achievement of ACER Certificates over time graph

Reward effort and encourage high achievers

Encourage high achievers to pursue learning at their own pace or reward those students who show effort and commitment by giving them the opportunity to receive an award from a world-leading educational research centre.

A certificate awarded by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) can be used as part of a student's educational portfolio and for applications for selective programs and university entrance.

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