Recognise and reward achievement

ACER Academy provides students of all ages, grades and abilities the opportunity to understand their individual learning challenge, set targets and be recognised and rewarded for their achievement.

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Explore the journey of long-term progress in mathematics and reading comprehension. Learners, parents and teachers can identify where learners are and target key areas for improvement and development.

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ACER Certificates

Learners who are awarded an ACER Certificate are recognised by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), a world-leading and trusted educational research centre. Five levels of certificates are available, providing a realistic goal for all learners.

ACER Certificates

Learner resources

Learner resources are aligned to the ACER Academy learning progression, with engaging challenges just beyond the learner's comfort zone to help them grow and reach their targets.

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Learner resources to guide your learning progression

Our fun and engaging resources provide targeted opportunities that challenge and extend learners.

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Learners' skills vary dramatically in every class and grade. Our resources are targeted to the learner's current skill level and adapt as they learn, allowing them to set their own pace.

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Learners can sit an ACER Certificate test whenever they feel they are ready for the next challenge. There are five levels of certificates from entry level 1 to advanced level 5.


Activities aligned with the ACER Academy learning progression allow learners to progress in each skill area at their own pace.

Recognise and reward achievement with ACER Certificates

The ACER Certificates in Mathematics and Reading Comprehension are the highest form of recognition by the Australian Council for Educational Research. Learners who successfully complete one of the five certificate levels are issued a certificate, which is a permanent record of their achievement.

5 certificate levels

International recognition and authority

Build your portfolio

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Sample ACER Certificate in Mathematics

Building an academic portfolio

ACER Certificates provide a permanent, independently authorised record of achievement for learners. ACER Certificates can be used as evidence of achievement for applications for entry into selective schools or programs or for further and higher education. ACER Certificates can also provide evidence of foundation skills for work and employment.

Permanent record of achievement authorised by ACER, a world-leading educational authority

Useful as evidence of achievement in school and university applications

Build your CV for job applications

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Supporting student-centred learning in schools

Increasingly, schools are providing students with opportunities to pursue independent learning pathways and additional challenges through a range of in-school and extra-curricular programs.

How ACER Academy works for schools

Identify a learner’s individual needs and create challenging learning opportunities

All learners are at some point in their learning and all are capable of further progress if they are engaged and motivated to make the necessary effort and are provided with well-targeted opportunities.

Learning progressions are designed to establish and understand where children are in their learning. Learning progressions are developed from empirical evidence of typical sequences in which students progress in their learning and also form a theoretical understanding of the nature of progress. They are also influenced by curriculum conventions.

Our learning progressions visualise the structure of learning in mathematics and reading comprehension to illustrate what progress looks like.

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