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ACER Certificates provide students of all ages, year levels and abilities the opportunity to set personal targets and be recognised and rewarded in mathematics and reading comprehension.

For learners of all abilities

Five levels of certificates are available, 
providing a realistic goal for all learners.

Learners who are awarded an ACER Certificate are recognised by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), a world-leading and trusted educational research centre.

  1. Level 1 Developing
    Learners can sit the ACER Certificates in mathematics 
and reading comprehension test whenever they are 
ready to do so, irrespective of their age or year level.
    Level 1 Sample Questions
  2. Level 2 Intermediate
    ACER Certificates in mathematics and reading comprehension can 
be used as evidence of achievement for applications for entry into 
selective schools or programs or for further and higher education.
    Level 2 Sample Questions
  3. Level 3 Intermediate
    ACER Certificates in mathematics and reading 
comprehension allow learners to progress in each 
skill area at their own pace.
    Level 3 Sample Questions
  4. Level 4 Advanced
    ACER Certificates in mathematics and reading
comprehension can also provide evidence 
of foundation skills for work and employment.
    Level 4 Sample Questions
  5. Level 5 Very advanced
    ACER Certificates in mathematics and reading 
comprehension Level 5 are the highest form 
of recognition in the Certificates program.
    Level 5 Sample Questions

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“An emphasis on the goal of student growth ensures that all students reach their full learning potential, regardless of the starting point and pace of learning compared to others” Gonski Review, 2018

Encouraging self-directed learning

Supporting self-directed learning, ACER Certificates help students understand, set and achieve progress by providing clear and explicit descriptions of what they need to improve in order to achieve the next level in key areas of learning.

Your journey to success

  1. Use the Learning Resources 
to find a Certificate level that is right for you
    We recommend most learners start
 at Certificate Level 1 and progress 
up the levels at their own pace
  2. Register for an ACER
    Certificate test
    Individual tests cost $25
 Both Mathematics and Reading together cost $40
  3. Explore the Learner Resources
    Free learner resources help you understand
the skills assessed in the ACER Certificates
  4. Sit the test under supervised conditions at school, at home or at an ACER testing centre
    Learners can sit a test whenever they feel ready for the next challenge
  5. Receive an online diagnostic report and your ACER Certificate
 of Achievement
    ACER Certificates are a permanent record
 of your achievement. Schools, universities
and employers can request confirmation
 of your achievement from ACER
  6. Set and work towards your next target!
    The ACER Certificates encourage all
 learners to make excellent ongoing progress 
from whatever their starting point

Celebrate learning in your school

Increasingly, schools are providing students with opportunities to pursue independent learning pathways and additional challenges through a range of in-school and extra-curricular programs.

ACER Certificates allows school to:

  • Encourage and reward achievement from any level
  • Reinforce and encourage a growth mindset
  • Support independent and student-directed learning
  • Build students’ formal academic portfolio
  • Provide extension opportunities for high achieving students
  • Assess your mathematics and reading comprehension skills