Introducing the ACER Certificates in Mathematics and Reading

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is one of the world’s leading and most trusted educational research centres. We’re proud to introduce the ACER Certificates in Mathematics and Reading, which recognise excellence and assess knowledge and skills, independently of your child’s school year. An ACER Certificate represents high performance and quality in educational assessment.

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What is it?

Mathematics and reading are fundamental for success not only in school but throughout life. The ACER Certificates are an exciting new way to track your child’s progress in these key areas of learning and link them to personal learning plans.

The five levels of ACER Certificates are designed to:

  • challenge and extend your child
  • encourage self-directed learning
  • identify areas of strength and weakness
  • prepare students for exam situations
  • recognise and celebrate learning success
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Who it’s for

ACER Certificates in Mathematics and Reading are open to all students in Australia, typically in Year 3 onwards. Students start at Level 1 and progress through the five levels at their own pace. The ACER Certificates allow you to gain an understanding of your child’s abilities in mathematics and reading. For your child, it informs their personal learning progression and supports their development of key concepts.

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What you get

All students who participate receive a digital report on their results with detailed feedback and resources to help strengthen their understanding of their own learning progression.

If successful, your child will be awarded a formal ACER Certificate along with a lapel badge to recognise their achievement.

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How much?

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How do I do it?

ACER Certificates comprise a one-hour online test under formally supervised conditions. Your child can sit the assessment at their school or directly with ACER.

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